The Swedish Dance History episode 4 call for contributions

It’s time again – the fourth episode of TSDH is going on and it will be out before X-mas. We are right now going ultra sonic, rushing into the last phase of collecting material. Check it out, so far it’s more extensive than ever – more substantial, totally out-there, deep theory, poetry in words and movement, simply amazing.

The new edition four

This year TSDH introduces yet another exciting convergence. Not only are we looking forward to printing solely fresh previously non-printed material (what that means is obviously up to you) but we are also introducing two thematic tensions.

First, concerning texts. We are as usual open to proposals from anybody who considers him- or herself a dancer, choreographer, performer, set, light, costume, disco freak or whatever you like. Curating and organizaing is obviously also to practice dance doing and making. In order to tease, tickle, irritate you an inkling this year we are especially interested in addressing notions of science fiction.

Exactly, science fiction – totally outer space, rockets, zero-gravity, superhero stuff – exactly what our practice is on an everyday basis. Evidently, we are not only looking forward to you writing a new episode of “Barbarella” or composing an essay addressed to the future, in a galaxy far far away, but we also want to make science fiction into a dance, send choreography into a time-travel. After all this is The Swedish Dance History and not some book about the past…

TSDH is a thick ass book and all contributions, as long as they are not overt self-promotion, simple advertisement or politically hazardous are always, and we mean always welcome and what we want most of all.

Image culture

Further, last years edition was great but we were a little unsatisfied with the image material. This year we want to address how dance and choreography is out-there, global mobile and is not only pictures of ‘something dance’ but also pictures chosen and considered from a dancerly perspective. For this years edition we urge you to find a “postcard” or many for that matter and send them to us via snail-mail or scan the stuff and email it. We’ll print both front and backside.

Remember postcard is what you consider it to be: buy one in the local kiosk, on your holiday on some Greek island (support), at the Louvre, one you received from your first dance friend, one you never sent to that lover, find them in your basement, pimp ’em up or just make them yourself. Whatever is on the front and backside is your message to the world.

But obviously all and any image is also to be sent in, do it now make your choice.

So dive into your drawers and dig something up, rush over to the postcard stand, book a flight or just sit down at the machine and make it happen. It’s not that much of a rush – you have until Tuesday 20 November to collect yourself and jot it down – get going – no time to waste.


Hey, if you end up having writers block or just being generally on the verge… you can always skype the editorial board and we will provide you with tips, solutions or if nothing else with endless sympathy.

The editorial board emphasizes, TSDH will support every proposition – nothing is pushed away – we love unconditionally – but the harder we love the higher the stakes. Nobody gets paid but copies come for free, and you’re in the book.

For the second year in a row we will support ISBN and the book will be almost legal. The fourth edition will be it’s usual super silver, the format is the same and the 1000 pages will be more like 1200.

In short:

Text = science fiction and every text, writing, thought, scribble you think the worlds needs to experience. 

Images = postcards and every image you think should be in TSDH

Important Dates

TSDH#4 will be put together in Stockholm 19 – 24 November and released in Stockholm 17 December. You will have your copy in the letterbox by X-mas (hopefully). Again, deadline for contributing texts is Tuesday 20 November. During the spring, international outposts, sister and brother editorial groups will set up a bunch of releases world wide. There will be an event next to you.

Local editorial teams

For this years volume, TSDH introduces a number of local editorial groups that will function as your personal connections. The work will be spread over more people, become a little bit more personal and less explosive for the engaged (1000 pages and 180 contributors is great but a pain in the ass), therefore we have hooked up with a few super duper editors (yes, we know we are Eurocentric and English only). If you feel confident and good you can also send your contributions to

Here are the editorials and the teams (these will not be specially mentioned in the book).

Stockholm HQJessyka Watson-Galbraith, Zoë Poluch, Halla Olafsdottir, Mårten Spångberg

Melbourne BoardroomEmma Kim Hagdahl, Atlanta Eke

Reykjavik StationÁsgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir, Alexander Roberts

UK OfficesAlexandrina Hemsley (London), Hannah Buckley,  Monesha Whiteley (Manchester)

Oslo WorkstationAnn-Christin Kongsness, Marte Reithaug Sterud

Brazil SpecialBianca Góis Barbosa

Party and release teamHalla Olafsdottir, Amanda Apetrea and Nadja Hjorton (Stockholm)

For contacts see below

Text and Image formats

Concerning format, don’t send us unedited material or PDF’s that take days to make into something workable. High-res is good. The tidier the material is that you send the better your stuff will look in the book. Please use word or similar, use JPG and all will be fine. If images should be in special positions in relation to your text, mention that in your mails or even better write instructions in a separate document. If you want photocredits or a text attached to an image write us instruction, intuiotion is great but sort of out of focus after 867 pages.

The format is standard pocket 179 x 110mm. It’s easy to send us an e-mail, give us a call or just skype us your thoughts. And we promise on our mothers’ graves to do our absolute more than best to make it look sparkles.

Postcards can be sent to:

The Swedish Dance History 2012

c/o MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30

11149 Stockholm, Sweden

So please send in your contribution, or somebody else’s, text, images, drawings, interviews, poems, letter, manifestoes, remixes, playlist, scores, links, requests, money, proverbs, reviews of new and old pieces, reflections, translations, short stories, novellas, haikus and everything.

This is our book, only ours, all of us that make and practice dance and choreography. It’s distributed for free to the whole world and however much it may sound like moralistic, it’s only up to us.Get down to business, and do it in a flash.

The TEAM: Jessyka, Zoë, Halla, Mårten, Emma, Atlanta, Ásgerður, Alexander, Alexandrina, Hannah, Monesha, Ann-Christin, Marte, Bianca, Amanda, Nadja and all the others. 


Further FQA 

For those that didn’t already know. The Swedish Dance History is a publication initiated by the Swedish grass-root net-work non-profit organization INPEX in 2009. It is a book consisting of 1000 pages to be published yearly for 20 years. This is a call for contributions to the fourth edition.

“The one who writes history own history”, tells us a well known proverb. For too many years dance has out-sourced it’s history to historians, scholars and others. The Swedish Dance History is dance’s claim to it’s own history, not only to it’s own history but also to produce and write history through the premises of dance and choreography.

The Swedish Dance History is dance’s collective effort to realize its history and ultimately to claim the right to its future through. An effort to which every dance doer and maker independent of training, context, age, nationality etc. is invited to contribute on his or her own basis with texts, images, scores or drawings.

The Swedish Dance History is published without publisher, editorial team, proof readers or economical interest and is not attached to any venue, festival or state agency, but is an attempt to conceive a book through strong democratic practices. Consequently every person or group engaged in dance is invited to contribute and no contributions are rejected. This book is produced through voluntary work (anybody who wants to join in is welcome) and nobody receives a stipend or a fee. It is distributed for free without agency but through hand to hand.

The three previous volumes amount to 7000 copies.

The Swedish Dance History is made possible through The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Univ. of Dance Stockholm, MDT Stockholm, The Swedish Research Council. Co-produced by PAF.



Jessyka Watson-Galbraith <>

Zoë Poluch <>a

Halla Olafsdottir <>

Mårten Spångberg <> +46 72 914 81 12

Emma Kim Hagdahl <>

Atlanta Eke <>

Ásgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir <>

Alexander Roberts <>

Alexandrina Hemsley <>

Hannah Buckley <>

Monesha Whiteley <>

Ann-Christin Kongsness <>

Marte Reithaug Sterud <>

Bianca Góis Barbosa <>

Halla Olafsdottir <>

Amanda Apetrea <>

Nadja Hjorton <>

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