A postcard may be just a rectangular piece of thick paper intended for writing and mailing without an envelope but… oh it’s so much more than that! People have been sending messages on cards to each other since the postal service was created. The first known picture postcard came from Vienna, the first known American postcard came from Springfield in Illinois, the Ottoman Empire banned them and the British delighted in sending lewd postcards from their seaside holidays.

Where are you? Do you have a message to send to the readers of The Swedish Dance History Vol. 4? We want to see what your hand writing looks like! You don’t have time to write that text that has been brewing in your brain since February? No worry, send us a postcard! Find the tackiest, prettiest, glossiest picture of your city you can find. Write something full of love or mystery, stick a stamp on it and pop it in the mail.

The postcards have started coming in from near and far. Thank you to Rio, Berlin, Reykjavik, Perth and London for your messages. They are lovely!

Scan and email your postcard to or send it to:

The Swedish Dance History 2012
c/o MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30
11149 Stockholm, Sweden

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