The Swedish Dance History is dance’s collective effort to realize its history and ultimately to claim the right to its future. An effort to which every dance doer and maker independent of training, context, age, nationality etc. is invited to contribute on his or her own basis with texts, images, scores or drawings.

The Swedish Dance History is a publication initiated by the now defunct Swedish grass-root network non-profit organization INPEX in 2009. It is a book consisting of 1000 pages to be published yearly for 20 years.

“The one who writes history owns history” is like all proverbs, insightful. For too many years dance has out-sourced it’s history to historians, scholars and others. So let’s get going because “once in history, you stay in history.”

The Swedish Dance History is published without publisher, editorial team, proof readers or economical interest and is not attached to any venue, festival or state agency, but is an attempt to conceive a book through strong democratic practices. Consequently every person or group engaged in dance is invited to contribute and no contributions are rejected. This book is produced through voluntary work (anybody who wants to join in is welcome) and nobody receives a stipend or a fee. It is distributed for free without agency but through hand to hand.

The Swedish Dance History is made possible through The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Univ. of Dance Stockholm, MDT Stockholm, The Swedish Research Council. Co-produced by PAF.

In 2009 all texts and images were collected on the 29th of April, the International Day of Dance at the department store, PUB, in central Stockholm. The book was also released in Stockholm at PUB and at many other venues and festivals across the world. All copies of the TSDH1 have been distributed. Theme for images, ghosts.

In 2010 the book was made and released during ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. There are no more copies of TSDH2 available for distribution because it was released and distributed at many other venues and festivals across the world. Theme for images, rock and roll.

In 2011 the book had a longer gestation period, 90 days. A day of editing was held at The Modern Dance Theatre in Stockholm. MDT also hosted the release party. If you speak to the right person, you may be able to find a copy of TSDH3. But hurry. Theme for images, future marketing material for contemporary dance. Emphasis on previously unpublished texts.

In 2012, well, we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. Theme for texts, science fiction. Theme for images, postcards sent via snail mail.

Three volumes of The Swedish Dance History

Three volumes of The Swedish Dance History. 2009, 2010, 2011.


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