Text and image formats

The Swedish Dance History is a monumental publication, here are some tips to make it little easier for the editorial team.


Use word or similar. Please don’t send us unedited material or PDF’s that take days to make into something workable. The tidier the material is that you send the better your stuff will look in the book.


High-res is good. All images will be printed in black and white. Use JPG and all will be fine.

If images should be in special positions in relation to your text, mention that in your mails or even better write instructions in a separate document. If you want photocredits or a text attached to an image write us instructions, intuition is great but sort of out of focus after 867 pages.

The format is standard pocket 179 x 110mm.

Postcards can be sent to:

The Swedish Dance History 2012

c/o MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30

11149 Stockholm, Sweden

Any questions, send them here theswedishdancehistory@gmail.com or to anyone in the editorial team.


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